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Training Aid Devices and Supplies for  Law Enforcement, Military Training, and Military Simulation/Scenario Games

Reminder-we typically have a 3 week lead time on most orders

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Hand to Hand

All castings as sold as "shooter grade" you will find ruff seam lines and air bubbles in some castings

RKG-3 Antitank Grenade

Famed weapon of the Iraq Insurgency a "civilian" could whip one out from under a robe in blink of an eye and blow up a convoy

 Soft foam body with a plastic support rod. 
The Streamers cause it to hit nose 1st when thrown. 
Cut a small x in the warhead for chalk marking. drill a 1/8" hole to insert a pyro charge                  

Molotov Cocktail

Barroom Brawler, Wild West shoot out, or Revolutionary our new foam bottle has you covered

Soft foam body works well melee or thrown
removable streamers stabilize flight.
Cut a small x in the bottom for chalk marking. drill a 1/8" hole to insert a pyro charge                  

Push Dagger


Injection molded in heavy duty rubber, this is a knife for the quite profesonal player who understands the value of every bit of real estate on their load out .
Quietly and subtly tucks in to MOLLE loops and holds a flat profile to keep it out of the way, yet the ring handle allows for instant access, even under stress while wearing gloves.



22 inch giant wrench cast in soft foam with a flexible plastic core.  not only can it be used as an intimidating  Malay weapon, but there has been a lot of talk of using it as a tool to ID players in an engineer role who can fix vehicles that had been taken out by launchers



Cast in our super weight foam  It throws very well, able to hit targets past 50' with ease. 

The foam shaft is flexible to comply with  the "bend 180 degrees" rule many groups use for rubber knifes and to reduce the chance of injuring a properly protected player.

disclaimer The foam has a lot of weight to it, in fact most people think its rubber,  using excessive force may cause injury.

For more aggressive use the tomahawk is now available with a fiberglass core cast in the handle. The core often is visible on ones side of the handle or the other. NOT for throwing use

Foam Type

Throwing Knife


11" long and 3/4" thick it is available in the soft foam like the RKG-3 and hard foam like our Tomahawks.

 We do not recommend the hard foam to be thrown at people


Foam Type



Mines   40MM M203/M-79 Rounds    Mortar Rounds   Grenades

Hand to Hand