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Training Aid Devices and Supplies for  Law Enforcement, Military Training, and Military Simulation/Scenario Games

Reminder-we typically have a 3 week lead time on most orders

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40MM M203/M-79 Rounds

All castings as sold as "shooter grade" you will find ruff seam lines and air bubbles in some castings

M-29 40mm Foam Rocket

 M-29 40mm foam rocket

 NOW shipping the Gen-2 rockets in light neon green !!
computer deigned from the ground up to give ultimate performance in 40mm launchers. its performance in air cannons with 1.5" SCH 40 barrels is staggering. Simply put ,  the best round on the market.
Also available in our "tracer"  Glow in the dark foam!




M-385 40mm High pressure rounds

Cast off a Real steel mark 19 M-385 training round. The backs are solid so the rounds stand up to co2 shell better.  These rounds tumble in flight to avoid negative airfoil effects.

Also available in our "tracer"  Glow in the dark foam!





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