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The Booby trap has been updated to a V2, longer mounting stake and a dark blue tube.


Booby Trap Kit

 Our best selling item (even the US ARMY bought some).

In a trip wire set up, it works like a grenade in a tin can booby trap. The lever holds back a hammer, the black tube holds every thing together. When the trip wire pulls the firing mechanism out of the tube, the hammer is released and it sets off a plastic cap gun cap. Its loud enough to be noticed by any players in the "blast area". But will not hurt a player, even it were to go off in their face while crawling or diving for cover. Simple, compact, cheap, and effective. Just like a mine!!!

It uses the same internal system as the Flash-Bangs, the metal firing mechanism can be removed and used on its own as a pressure release Booby Trap. Just arm it and place it under a object (as light as 3 sheets of paper!!) when the object is picked up or moved it goes off with a bang.

These are much louder than people first expect, they BLOW AWAY the silly pull string firecrackers people have tried to use in the past. This system is louder and Much more sensitive.  You get the tripwire set up as shown on the left. It kit contains a steel firing mechanism, plastic retaining tube, and steel mounting stake. Just add caps and fishing line and you are ready to place your mine field   $6


Sapper Pack!!!!!


Make the players paranoid @ your next event! Anything and everything could be booby trapped!!!. The system can be set up as a trip wire OR can be rigged to go off when some wise ass CUTS the wire!!

Place the firing mechanism under a object and it will go off when the object is picked up, this is a great way for event hosts to quickly "Trap" game items. It also works very well as a "Anti-handling device " for any of your other mine systems

This kit contains 10 firing mechanisms 10 mounting stakes and dark blue caps  every thing you need to make 10 of our "booby traps".   This is a "parts" kit to make your own traps, no instructions are provided, see below for ideas on how to rig them up.

Shown below is a way to rig the traps to go off when the tripwire is cut or broken.



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